Alec Baldwin

In Conversation with Steven Winn, Monday, July 28, 2014, 7:30 pm.

Alec Baldwin in our Nourse theater house! Before the show I saw the back of him as he headed for the “green room” and I wondered what to expect.  Really I had no idea!   As an usher sometimes I get to listen to the entire program. That night I was “house Scout” which meant I was inside the theater for the entire show.

Alec is a great impressionist, not to mention hilarious, quick witted and intelligent on many levels. He has the kind of charisma that smolders, so as the conversation progressed I developed a crush. Honestly I was not expecting this.

Either Steven Winn or Alec brought up a very painful topic. Talk uplate_labout regrets, for Alec there will always be a mention of that hideous publicity over a leaked phone message to his daughter. To that I say, yes the message was very angry and he said things that anyone with a conscious would regret. But honestly parents, who doesn’t get angry at their teenage kid, particularly under those circumstances? To get his perspective you’d have to read his book A PROMISE TO OURSELVES A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce.

Over the course of the show I realized that we were very close in age. He was in NYC and I had been accepted to Pratt Institute. If fate had played a part we could have been pals in our 20’s and laughed together about all the sex he was having at Studio 54, and other absurdities of life. I didn’t go to Pratt.

After his show, the lobby was closing (i.e. we were asking people to leave, please). Out from house left Alec appeared and waved to a few stragglers then headed toward doors to the back courtyard. Having recently developed strong feelings toward him I became tense. With out thinking I called to him “that was great!.” To my shock he turned around and with a big smile, walked toward me with his hand out. I was so flabbergasted and lost in the admiration of his physical presence that whatever I had been thinking about him dissolved into an inane declaration. Looking up into his face I blurted “I’m a year younger then you!”

ticket to Alec Baldwin at the NourseIf you’ve ever seen the titles to the show 30 Rock, the one that has the “Dooby doo, dooby doo doo doo…” song, you’ll remember that his character with a smirk on his face does an about face toward the camera.

Well in my case, Alec’s face fell into a disappointed harumph. He let go of my hand, turned around and left the building. There is no photo of Alec Baldwin and I from this show.